Roast Battle at The Justice Pub | May 20, 2022

On May 20, 2022 at Justice Pub in Jacksonville, stand up comedians from all over Florida came together for one night in order to hurt each other’s self esteem and feelings in the funniest way possible.

The Roast Battle at Justice Pub featured Florida comedians including Alex Sanders, Vanessa Scaduto, Jessie “JPaw” Pawlish, Greg Gandy, Jamar Gay, Cross Blocker, CJ Couch, Mikey B, Christian Blaker, and Imre Mehesz.

The video was produced, shot, and edited by Marshall Malone of Upside Down Creative Media.

0:00:00 Show Intro
0:06:00 Alex Sanders
0:15:38 Vanessa Scaduto
0:27:14 Jessie “Jpaw” Pawlish
0:44:00 Greg Gandy & Jamar Gay
0:52:51 Cross Blocker & CJ Couch
0:58:49 Mikey B Roasts Jake McCown
1:01:54 Christian Blaker & Imre Mehesz
1:09:21 End Credits

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