Shia Takes It To Court Big Time!

Watch Big Time in Hollywood, FL:

I’m so glad I had spare tapes to record this ground-breaking speech off C-SPAN!

Although I’m not quite sure what the Hell Shia is talking about, the sheer emotion behind his nonsense is unbridled and raw. It seems that after his attempt to sell people on binge watching Big Time in Hollywood, Fl, that Comedy Central has still not picked up the show for Season 2, so he’s decided to plead his case in court to get them to consider!

Use #BigTimeHollywoodSeason2 on Twitter to let Comedy Central know that the fans want this story to continue. I’m a huge fan of the show and want to see it be picked up again!

DISCLAIMER: Aside from the C-SPAN intro, all assets and images were either created by me or have been released with a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License. The Big Time In Hollywood, FL images and footage is owned by Comedy Central.

I am not affiliated with Comedy Central or Big Time In Hollywood, FL, nor am I monetizing this content, but if someone at Big Time In Hollywood, FL, Comedy Central, Globocore, or Red Hour Productions would like to hire me, then I would be very happy to interview with them!

Special thanks to Rönkkö & Turner ( for releasing the Shia LaBeouf footage under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License.

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