Upside Down Creative Media
Internet Comedy Since 2008

Upside Down Creative Media is an award-winning, underground comedy duo formed in 2013 by Marshall Malone (writer, producer) and Rob Moccio (actor.) Before meeting, both Marshall and Rob got their start making internet comedy in 2008, when they both started publishing with their own comedy groups.

The name “Upside Down Creative Media” itself is a satirical parody of media companies, inspired by our “upside down” lives at the time of meeting and the “upside down” state of the world. You’ll find a mix of absurd comedy, dark humor, and NSFW silliness perfect for everyone from Gen-X to millennials. Gen-Z, maybe, but we don’t know yet.

After over a decade of dedication to the platform of digital sketch comedy, Upside Down Creative Media still lives in the underground of the web with a very small, but dedicate group of followers. Despite our small digital footprint , we’ve made a big impact by managing to gain the attention (both positive and negative) from heavy hitters like Kyle Newacheck, Tim Heidecker, and Vic Berger. We’ve also directly and indirectly influenced big name productions like SNL, Comedy Central, and Marvel Studios.

Ultimately, our goal is to have our work seen by a wider audience, but time has proven that we won’t stop  

Latest Sketch Video:
The Doubtfire Files

The latest sketch video is a collaboration with Joshua Patterson of 5 Dollar Comedy from New York. Marshall and Josh worked together to ruin the popular move, Mrs. Doubtfire in a mockumentary titled “5 Dollar Doc: The Doubtfire Files.”

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