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Marshall Malone
Rob Moccio

Upside Down Creative Media is an award-winning, underground comedy duo formed in 2013 by Marshall Malone (writer, producer) and Rob Moccio (actor.) Before meeting, both Marshall and Rob got their start making internet comedy in 2008, when they both started publishing with their own comedy groups.

The name “Upside Down Creative Media” itself is a satirical parody of media companies, inspired by their “upside down” lives at the time of meeting and the “upside down” state of the world. You’ll find a mix of absurd comedy, dark humor, and NSFW silliness perfect for everyone from Gen-X to millennials to Gen-Z.

Ultimately, the goal of Upside Down Creative Media is to have their own work seen by a wider audience and land some sort of creative deal to produce content on streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon, but also, UDCM is on a mission to help others elevate their brands and get seen and heard. In 2022, Marshall Malone began working solo, as Rob Moccio decided to leave and start a stand-up career. Marshall is currently producing Los Rotos Podcast for stand-up comedian, Vanessa Scaduto.

Newest Project: Los Rotos Podcast

Past Project: COVID Night Live

COVID Night live is one of the internet’s first pandemic-friendly late night live stream talk shows! Hosted by Rob Moccio and produced/directed by Marshall Malone, CNL takes social distancing to an all new level by inviting guests on to chat from all over the world to talk current events and comedy, without having to shake hands or wear masks. Complete with live sketches and musical performances, COVID Night Live promises to be the most wacky time on the internet… on a Friday night.

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