What is Upside Down Creative Media?

Upside Down Creative Media, an independently funded media production company, emerged in 2013 through the collaborative efforts of Marshall Malone, a versatile creative professional adept in the roles of writing, producing, editing, directing, and photography, and Rob Moccio, a natural, multitalented creative excelling as an actor, improviser, and producer.

Before their partnership, both Marshall and Rob embarked on their own separate creative odysseys in 2008, each independently establishing their own internet comedy groups.

The brand name “Upside Down Creative Media” ingeniously pays homage to the media industry through a satirical lens. This choice of name is inspired by the pivotal moment when they first converged, a period marked by the inversion of their personal circumstances and the tumultuous state of the world. Their portfolio represents a captivating fusion of absurd humor, dark wit, and audacious irreverence, catering to a diverse audience spanning generations, from Gen-X to millennials and Gen-Z.

The mission of Upside Down Creative Media transcends their individual creative ambitions. While aspiring to attain visibility for their own creative endeavors and secure coveted production deals on prominent streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon, UDCM remains unwavering in their commitment to empower others, aiding individuals and brands in achieving the recognition and prominence they rightly deserve.

In 2020, Rob and Marshall split ways, with Marshall embarking on a solo journey to continue pushing the UDCM brand, while Rob made the choice to pursue a burgeoning career in stand-up comedy, bartending, and fantasy sports podcasting.

The Founders

Marshall Malone
Active Years: 2013-Present
Rob Moccio
Active Years: 2013-2020

Newest Project: Los Rotos Podcast

Past Project: COVID Night Live

COVID Night live is one of the internet’s first pandemic-friendly late night live stream talk shows! Hosted by Rob Moccio and produced/directed by Marshall Malone, CNL takes social distancing to an all new level by inviting guests on to chat from all over the world to talk current events and comedy, without having to shake hands or wear masks. Complete with live sketches and musical performances, COVID Night Live promises to be the most wacky time on the internet… on a Friday night.

Past Project: TK Live

“TK Live” is a captivating live stream internet comedy show that made waves in the entertainment world. Hosted by multitalented actor, producer Thomas Kellogg, it serves as a virtual stage for both established and emerging talent hailing from various corners of the globe. Remarkably, “TK Live” has successfully adapted to the constraints of the COVID-19 era, providing an engaging and entertaining platform with a distinct cable access television charm.

The show seamlessly bridges the gap between comedians, artists, and performers of all sizes, ensuring that their acts reach a worldwide audience while maintaining a COVID-friendly environment. “TK Live” effectively captures the spirit of cable access television, offering an unconventional and refreshing viewing experience that stands out in today’s digital landscape.

Notably, the creators of the renowned comedy series “Workaholics,” Blake Anderson and Kyle Newacheck, paid an exuberant tribute to “TK Live” on the “This Is Important Podcast,” during Episode 34. Their shoutout emphasized the uniqueness and appeal of the show, highlighting how it brings together diverse talents in a manner that reminisces about the bygone era of public access TV. Even in the midst of uncertain times, “TK Live” manages to unite people across the world through laughter and entertainment.

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