Rob Moccio comes out of the shadows

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1 thought on “Rob Moccio comes out of the shadows”

  1. I can tell you why he came out of the shadow, lol. I stopped calling him and booted him off my podcast for erratic and aggressive behavior. Didn’t help that he threw a tantrum on the phone every time I pointed out his hypocrisy with his fantasy football choices either, hope crying over Justin Fields was worth it now that I was the one who was right again, as usual.Oh and I heard you were moving to Nashville with no electric guitar, gear, music theory, recording experience, live band experience, or band members LOL. Good luck with that, another arrogant slap in the face to everyone who has ever worked hard on something, you once again think you’re going to just drop into a city full of professionals and someone will think you’re the most genius thing since sliced bread. Even the ridiculous content you have on YouTube is only because of me, and everyone would laugh and say you suck at guitar and singing until I doctored it all up with my recordings and mixing software. God help you if you ever try to use MY documented and published recordings of us for your financial gain, too. I’ll come with a lawyer and I’m not talking about that empty promised pussy Matt Duryea lawyer crap either. I know the law and I know what I’m doing when it comes to music. I can’t tell you how pathetic it is that you’re running to old friends that you’ve verbally bashed and now you’re just gonna use this poor guy because he’s lonely, and you’re so desperate for fame and money without working for it that you think you’re best chance is to just let him push your name out on the internet. You are associated with NOTHING. Your name doesn’t come up in YouTube, it doesn’t come up in Google. How dare you have the audacity and ego to believe you deserve any kind of recognition at this point in your life. You’re a leech.You need to stop smoking Delta-8 and book a psychiatrist appointment for your schizophrenic delusions of grandeur.

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