I Take Responsibility Parody Spoof

Rob takes responsibility and vows to never shoot another black person in GTA. He declares a life of only killing cops in Grand Theft Auto.

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34 thoughts on “I Take Responsibility Parody Spoof”

  1. So do they still take responsibility now that the body cam footage showing what really happened with dirt bag George Floyd? 🤔Probably not. Maybe people should get their emotional BS in check and stop jumping to conclusions and pandering. Society, to include these jokes of actors, are absolutely pathetic. Anything for attention right?!

    1. @Upside Down Creative Media wrong again! Floyd died from drugs in his system. He was a dead man walking before the cops even showed up. Did having to hold down someone that wanted to wrestle with police help? Probably not. Especially given the fact that your heart rate goes up during that, and speeds up anything in your system. Crying he couldn't breath while they were trying to get him to sit in the car, but you jackasses want to act like he's some damn God sent to the world. That drug addict criminal did absolutely nothing for society. But you want to continue to try and make a martyr and a saint out of him. You're pathetic. Anything so you can feel like you're a part of the in crowd, huh?

      Maybe if that POS didn't have drugs crammed up his ass, use fake money (which is a federal crime by the way), then the cops would've never had to have been called. Weird how that works isn't it? Having to take responsibility for our life choices, and not blame everyone else? That's just crazy.

  2. You know, in GTA, you seriously can't even talk to a cop without getting a wanted level. If you just stand next to one, without doing anything, they will get mad and you'll get a Wanted Level. That's literally how people are trying to depict real cops lmao.

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