Laugh Mountain Comedy Podcast // EP1 [New Podcast January 2019]

Check out a new podcast January 2019!

In the introductory episode of the new Laugh Mountain Comedy Podcast, Rob and Marshall delve into several subjects including: the backstory of Laugh Mountain, their comedic influences, and as always, future projects.

Much of the conversation is a comedy recap of their favorite influences, along with reaction videos to famous sketches from Mail Order Comedy, Derrick Comedy, and Andy Samberg on SNL.

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5 thoughts on “Laugh Mountain Comedy Podcast // EP1 [New Podcast January 2019]”

    1. It’s a good one, but it requires to be plugged into my computer so logistically in the space we recorded it, it wasn’t feasible. Well record more of these. I need to invest in camcorders instead of DSLRs because the runtime of a camcorder is up to an hour or longer where my DSLRs stop at 12 minutes.

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