Man With A Broken Heart // 60 Second Mocks – S1 EP7

Terry Sandusky is a man with a broken heart. He believes the reason why his woman left him is the pressure from society. In his own words, “The problem with America these days is that people are just too closed minded.” He elaborates that, “Society, they can barely grasp the concept of a transgender bathroom in a Target. How dare they get in between the love that is shared between a man and a woman in a tiny body.”

Terry Sandusky is either apparently in love with a midget or he is a pedophile. You decide.

DISCLAIMER: We do not condone or promote pedophilia, human trafficking, or any type of abuse and we are in no way mocking it. We understand that it is an epidemic worldwide that NEEDS to be discussed more. Sexual abuse and trauma is not a joke and we do not mean to diminish the seriousness of the issue.

We are only trying to bring it to the forefront through comedy because the issues are not talked about nearly as much as what the President tweeted or anything else in the mainstream media’s attention. So much of comedy is focused on big fish problems and not looking at the little fish that could actually have a huge impact. We believe this is a serious issue that is not talked about enough and this is the best way we know to talk about it.

*The photo used to portray the love interest is a childhood photo of actress Katya Lastres.

Important Statistics about Human Trafficking and Pedophilia:
One in three known victims of human trafficking is a child.
One in ten children will be sexually abused before they turn 18.

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