Will Smith Slap Remix (Fire Edition)

This is the second version of my Will Smith Slaps Chris Remix — the original can be found here: https://youtu.be/TsraJoKaDQQ

The difference? This one is fire… and slaps. That’s what I do. Enjoy the Will Smith Slaps Chris Remix (Fire Edition.)

YouTube has once again suppressed my work — I can’t even find it in search. Try searching the title of this video (will smith slap remix) and it shows others videos but not mine. Go figure. My work will forever be obscured by the algorithm.

Edited & Produced by: @TheMarshallMalone

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3 thoughts on “Will Smith Slap Remix (Fire Edition)”

    1. aweee both you guys are awesome!!!! so cute to see big channel following and appreciating smaller channel ❤ ya'll both were 🔥 during the kenneth copeland era. still are btw. hahaha

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