Jessie Duplantis Remix – “It’s My Story”

Another billionaire prosperity gospel preacher out with a COVID-19 remix! Jessie Duplantis tells it like he wants to and ain’t afraid of nothin’ y’all. Who would win in a rap battle? Jessie Duplantis or Kenneth Copeland?

Also, is Jessie part of the Black Eye Club conspiracy???

◾️◼️Edited & Produced by: @TheMarshallMalone ◼️◾️▪️

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26 thoughts on “Jessie Duplantis Remix – “It’s My Story””

  1. As an ordained Reverend, I can say, hand on Heart, that this guy & all the others are DEMONIC. And have you noticed that this guy has a black eye? Remember a year or so ago all the elites who we all KNOW are involved in child aduse & who promoted anti Christ philosophy ALL were sporting a black eye at the same time. This is so dodgy.A tree will be judged on its fruit

  2. he said god asked him for advice and he needs a 80 million bucks for a private jet and his illuminati friend can't be in a plane with demons wtf tbn needs to be shut down and so does the 700 club asap lmao

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