COVID Night Live: David Petlanksy & Mr. Royal (TTFT Show, Toilet On The Roof Productions) – EP 11

We’ve got filmmaker David Petlanksy (Durden Godfrey) and his partner, Mr. Royal (Taurean Royal) from their new YouTube channel, TTFT Show (That’s The F*cking Trailer Show.)

We take a deep dive on David’s over 2 decade long background in indie film, talk about his phase of life being a Justin Timberlake lookalike, and bring in Mr. Royal to talk about their longtime friendship and upcoming TTFT episodes.

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3 thoughts on “COVID Night Live: David Petlanksy & Mr. Royal (TTFT Show, Toilet On The Roof Productions) – EP 11”

  1. We had a few technical issues, so to help skip through them, use these timestamps:

    Show Open – 1:28

    Breaking News 'Uncle Touche Arrested' – 2:36

    A Current Affair – 3:14

    Fox News Fires Make Up & Hair Department – 3:20

    Monkey Steals Cell Phone – 4:12

    Cracker Barrel Reveals New Logo – 5:04

    Commercial Break – 5:36

    David Petlansky (Durden Godfrey) Interview – 16:14

    David's Years As Justin Timberlake Lookalike – 25:58

    Commercial Break – 39:25

    TTFT Trailer – 51:54

    David Petlanksy & Mr. Royal Interview – 52:52

    David Lists His "Top 10" Favorite UDCM Sketches: 1:08:20

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