How the REAL Will Smith and Chris Rock Slap was FAKE

I’m here to share my own opinion on why I believe the events surrounding the very real slap between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars were actually a staged prank.

Why would Will do it? The Academy — a cabal of Hollywood elite — used him, Chris, and Jada like pawns to perform a stunt designed to improve the Oscars broadcast’s sagging ratings and disappointing crowd size.

Note from Marshall: I recorded this video in OBS, without editing afterwards, so forgive the rawness of it. I just wanted to get it out there as quickly as possible!

*I am not a professional body language analyst. This is solely my opinion based on how I view the world and the people around me.

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42 thoughts on “How the REAL Will Smith and Chris Rock Slap was FAKE”

    1. If it was staged, then why? What's the point of that? To make Will Smith look bad? To make black people look bad? Why do something like that? I don't get it. Its horrible either way, fake or real. Super low class for the Oscars, which is supposed to be classy but seeing the clips of it and what the crowd claps over shows that Hollywood is straight satanic. They even cheered on having a gay party. Terrible. That's why I don't watch the Oscars anymore, I only heard about these things, so not surprised what wickedness they are doing.

    2. @@georgem2046 Networks don’t get advertiser money without good ratings. Now that is counting online traffic and mentions. This event blew up the Oscars … look up their declining ratings since 2014. 2021 Oscars were at an all time low. They needed something to boost their worth. I work in TV and this just looks like an elaborate plan by The Academy (a cabal of rich elites) to increase their relevancy.

    1. I watched your videos regularly, up to this point, but sure, I just watched one video and made a snap judgement.

      Not everything is a conspiracy to be dissected. It was just a punch, given because he’s a Scientologist, and that’s what they teach.

      I am a researcher by trade, it’s how I view the world, with careful observation and an eye to the facts and the history of a given situation, I question my own knowledge daily.

    2. @ShineAqua I work in television. So based on my experience working on smaller scaled events like the Oscars, there are always security protocols for situations like this. If it was a real, unplanned assault, they would have escorted Will Smith out and not allow him in, even to accept his award that happened right after this. There would likely had been charges. Nothing has developed from this except buzz.

    3. @ShineAqua Also, I’ve given an actual dissection of body language, used my knowledge and experience in TV, but your only reasoning is that he’s a Scientologist. I disagree with you and believe that you should question everything you view on a screen. They are successfully manufacturing authenticity, which I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

  1. At first I thought it was real because I can see the emotion in Will eyes and the embarrassment in Chris face… but after carefully analyzing the video and the body language I feel it was staged. Just no way it was real. They are done great actors! They both need Oscars for this one! 😆

    1. Yea I was shocked too! And I questioned it myself, but after seeing some of body language and knowing that security would have been involved if it were real, I believe it was planned. Maybe this will be a new category next year? Best Actor In An Awards Show

    2. No they don't need an Oscar because later he goes on to say that he's just doing the Lord's work so to bring Christianity into this as everybody bangs his wife and he dresses up his son a little girl this is evil and should not be celebrated 💯

  2. i have a big problem with the only camera angle witch this is shown in there are so many cameras on the scene, but they use this one where its hard to tell if he even hit him….

    1. Yea, I thought that was ood after I made this video. This video was only my assessment after watching it twice. But the more you watch it, the more you see what's wrong with it!

  3. I think Chris was leaning in to hear what he thought will was gonna say and was hit instead..but it was one of those near hits cause Chris dodged a little so full contact wasn't made. Then again these are two great actors and I don't care 🐕

    1. Yea it’s good to be apathetic about it — I normally wouldn’t care, but I think the negative social implications of the media working together to convince the public it is real makes it something I care about. Chris braced his step seconds before — watch his left foot stomp done. He puts his hands behind his back. If someone is approaching me in that way, I would definitely widen my stance but I would not put my hands behind my back. It’s the opposite of defense.

      Jada was also laughing right after the joke but once the camera is on her and it’s time to make the scene happen, her expression changes.

    1. I wouldn’t give me that much credit. I made this video without much thought — like I didn’t edit it or anything. Just recorded it on my webcam. It’s just my opinion.

  4. I made the exact same comparison to the Jerry Lawler/Andy Kaufman "slap" and even recreated it in my stunt fighting class. Note the camera angles and the body language for each slap (when executing the slap) is exactly the same in the Kaufman case as it is in the Will Smith case. Go figure!

  5. Lmao I came here to see the Conspiracy theorists clowns “it’s fake” apparently you don’t follow these Waco smiths. Dude with all due respect.. do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself on your channel. Oh and let me guess you probably think Elvis is still alive right ?

    Stay tuned folks 2 pac living in Cuba is his next video.

    1. I don’t speculate on Elvis or Tupac and have no opinion on them. What do I have to be embarrassed about? I analyzed their body language. I’m aware I’m in the minority but I don’t care. It looks staged to me and being that I work in TV, I have experience in the industry and know they wouldn’t allow it to happen without escorting him out.

      Also, no I don't follow the "Waco smiths." I don't know them personally and I'm not really a fan anymore. This is the most I've thought about either of them in a decade, so my point is, I don't care what they say online or in statements. I think they're lying and this is all one big joke, just like the Kaufman and Lawler brawl that was "real" for almost two decades after it happened.

  6. Chris Rocks tickets for his show went up to over $700 so he wins from the Staged Slap.
    Hollywood knew nobody watchs the Hollyweirdo Trophy Awards they needed something to remember.
    Next year they will top it have Alec Baldwin as a host and he'll kill someone.

  7. It seemed pretty fake, Will knows how to make a slap look like it would hurt, but doesn't really, because he's a actor, and the whole leaning in thing by Chris was odd, and why would jada be mad at a light joke when she's been in many films with short hair?

  8. Jada’s reaction of not trying to quiet Will Smith down while he’s yelling is the dead give away that it’s fake. Also look at the last minute how Chris Rocks right foot steps further in to the slap at the last minute. In real life, a man is going to move away in order to shield his jaw.

  9. There is so many signs in mimics and body language that is was staged and prepared. I am blown away how blind mankind is today. 99,99% of people ate the bait. The most important sign besides all is the right foot toe side movement – final verification move that Chris has a strong stance not to fall. Even the mimics of WS when he screams clearly shows for a slight moment he is hiding a smile behind.

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