COVID Night Live: Thomas Kellogg (Wonk Studios + TK Ukelele) – EP 8

Celebrity actor, producer, and baller extraordinaire, Thomas Kellogg joins us for COVID Night Live! We also have an exclusive live interview with Satan as he talks about Kanye West’s recent decision to run for the POTUS. We also have a live acapella performance from TK himself.

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3 thoughts on “COVID Night Live: Thomas Kellogg (Wonk Studios + TK Ukelele) – EP 8”

  1. We apologize for all of the technical difficulties and failed musical performance. We are working to provide you with the best quality live content available on the internet and will better screen future guests! If you'd like, you can skip around to different segments with these timestamps:00:00 – Show Start00:29 – Show Open01:57 – Fan Mail from Uncle Touché03:39 – A Current Affair – Kanye West for President?05:20 – Interview with Satan (Lucifer)08:41 – Wonk News – Time Traveler (Commercial Break)09:44 – Thomas Kellogg Interview15:22 – Music Interference Stops (Sorry, Technical Difficulties!)35:19 – Rob Asks TK About "The Voice" Incident37:39 – "I'm Cutting My Dick Off" (Video produced by UDCM / Song by: Thomas Kellogg)40:45 – Live A'capella performance by Thomas Kellogg43:40 – Emergency Break (We left the mics on)45:56 – Ross Thoughts49:02 – "Dude & The Tramp" An Original Sketch By Thomas Kellogg50:17 – Outro

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