Robbie Valentino – My Heart WIll Go On

Robbie Valentino is the greatest melodica player in history, or is this just a melodica cover Titanic meme?

Enjoy this terrible melodica meme cover of My Heart Will Go On. We are aware this is is very similar to the My Heart Will Go On recorder cover, but this is not intentional.

If you are a fan of the Titanic Song and want a Titanic Song Remix or maybe a Titanic Song Instrumental, then this is the Titanic Song Cover for you. Even if you need a Titanic Song karaoke version, you could easily use this.

Directed & Edited by: Marshall Malone
Starring: Robby Moccio
Music Composed by: Marshall Malone

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4 thoughts on “Robbie Valentino – My Heart WIll Go On”

  1. Jonathan R. Holeton

    lol love it, somethings off though i can't put my foot on it. My Grandpa had a Hohner one of those, i have it somewhere.

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