Internet Actor // 60 Second Mocks – S1 EP13

Rob Moccio is an “inspiring” internet actor and comedian. Although he spends 10 hours a day working in logistics, his love is with comedy. He loves comedy so much that he drove to Chicago to take classes at Second City, just to pack up two days later and come back home to Florida. He spends his free time reading important books like “Sick In The Mind” by Judd Apatow and practicing his lines for his internet exclusive content.

. . . . . .

60 Second Mocks

Mocks. 60 seconds at a time.

A diverse series of one minute documentaries that provide a new look into the most unique characters, expressions, and practices that make up the world.

Starring: Rob Moccio
Directed and Edited by: Marshall Malone

Comedy Central ripped us off with their #MiniMocks series.

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4 thoughts on “Internet Actor // 60 Second Mocks – S1 EP13”

  1. You guys are really funny. This channel is going to grow. I saw that Comedy Central stoke you're idea with these 60 second mocks. To that I say, fuck them.

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