The Treecher // 60 Second Mocks – S1 EP6

Treehugger, Terri Buluver, is a Treecher… also known as a teacher of trees. His main goal in life is to bring humans and trees closer together. He genuinely believes humans are one with the world. Because of the deep roots trees have in the earth, Terry believes human beings should connect with trees first in order to feel a deeper connection with Earth.

Learn more about Terri Buluver through his student, an MIA impersonator who loves yoga, and his wife, who has been driven to her wit’s end and has been known to consult a pair of stuffed sheep.

Directed By: Marshall Malone
Starring: Jaron Wallace, Jenny McGalliard, & Alex Johnson
Written By: Alex Johnson
Cinematography By: Thomas Siedle
Edited By: Marshall Malone

. . . . . .

60 Second Mocks

Mocks. 60 seconds at a time.

A diverse series of one-minute mockumentaries that provide a new look into the most unique characters, expressions, and practices that make up the world.

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