Transabled Boxer // 60 Second Mocks – S1 EP1 #60SecondMocks

Is transabled a thing? Let this story help you decide.

Before his body modification reassignment surgery, Stefan was a highly decorated fully abled boxer and a boxing Olympic hopeful. After his realization that he is a transabled man, he doesn’t want to be treated any differently. Sick of the transabled cringe of those that don’t understand, he wants to be treated humanely while he attempts to make waves as an outspoken advocate for transabled equality. Many claims he has a transabled mental illness, but Stefan claims being a transabled person is just a way of life and that transabled people deserve transabled rights.

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10 thoughts on “Transabled Boxer // 60 Second Mocks – S1 EP1 #60SecondMocks”

  1. Ow my hand stings my brother twisted a pop bottle super tight and he wanted me to open it and I could not open it and now my hand stings and I also got a blister

  2. As an able to disabled person this gives me hope. Since I was a boy I didn't feel like other kids. Even tho I had functioning legs I felt like I shouldn't. im proud of him for making the transition. Such courage.

  3. This is an insult and a mockery to me the hundreds of people whom not by their own choice are permanently disabled!!! How dare you mock those wheelchair bound, paralyzed etc. Completely unacceptable!!

    1. This isn’t mocking disabled people. It’s highlighting the absurdity of transabled people (it’s a real thing apparently) who choose to identify with being disabled… while people like you don’t have the choice to not be disabled. I’m sorry you misunderstood the intention and took offense. It was intended to be funny and at the same time, defend disabled people. I have disabled family members.

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