Robby Moccio – No Caffeine (Official Music Video)

Starring & Written by: Robby Moccio (as “Bobby Jay”)
Co-Starring: Susan Sarandon (as “The Dog”)
Directed & Edited by: Marshall Malone
Music Written by: Robby Moccio
Music Mixed & Mastered by: Marshall Malone

Sunshine down on the earth.
Sun not knowing her worth.
She continues to burn.

Burn the skin off the bone.
Yearn to know the unknown.
Lessons we’ll never know.

Stare until she’s gone.
Sun sinking down into dawn.
Reap what you will sew.

See as far as the sea.
Lungs that no longer breathe.
An intangible note.

Wait until the day ends.
The defenseless will soon defend.
The dry will someday soak.

Awake the unawake.
Bet against what’s at stake.
Build what has broke.

This song has no end.
No reason to defend.
All one big joke.

With not a single laugh.
Not one single laugh.
Burned and sun-soaked.


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