Ultimate Love Songs Collection Commercial

The Ultimate Love Songs Collection Commercial is a classic compilation of love song melodica covers by Robbie Valentino! This Time Life Music Collection features romantic songs, love songs for him, great wedding songs, and general songs about love, all played by renowned melodica player, Robbie Valentino.

There are no sad love songs here. Only the greatest love songs that ever lived, all played back perfectly via the sweet sounds of a melodica. If you don’t speak english well, you may ask, “What is love song?” To answer you in bad english, it’s slow songs, 80s love songs, best romantic songs, old love songs, r&b love songs, and even silly love songs, all mashed into a 3 CD set.

Keep in mind, this isn’t just love songs for her. This collection has all the classic love songs she’ll love. Romantic love songs, rock love songs, and even english love songs are found in this amazing collection of love songs from the 80’s and 90’s.

Directed by: Marshall Malone
Edited by: Marshall Malone
Starring: Robby Moccio
Music by: Marshall Malone
Voiceover by: Chuck Fresh

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