BBQ, Beer, Freedom Remix: Fake News Dubstep Edition (featuring Kenneth Copeland)

BBQ BEER FREEDOM REMIX: A woke man in Nevada exposes voter fraud throughout the nation favoring Joe Biden. Is it real? Is it fake news? That’s the questions they want you to ask, so you just give up.

▪️◾️◼️Produced by: Marshall Malone◼️◾️▪️

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11 thoughts on “BBQ, Beer, Freedom Remix: Fake News Dubstep Edition (featuring Kenneth Copeland)”

    1. I wasn’t talking about WTFBrahh. I was talking about how it’s easy to only take sound samples and remix them. It’s harder when you try to sync the video source with it. There are other people that just make the music part and then there are other “remixes” that don’t even sync the video/audio to the beat. What WTFBrahh and I do takes a lot more time to produce.

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