Lizzo lawsuit explained, dancer claims she threatened to hit her

Three dancers, who are suing Lizzo and her production company, addressed their allegations on CNN This Morning. The lawsuit alleges that the three women were subjected to a hostile work environment and harassment while working for the singer.

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11 thoughts on “Lizzo lawsuit explained, dancer claims she threatened to hit her”

    1. I agree. Sometimes when someone has "deep pockets" it can attract lawsuits. I think Lizzo should be given the benefit of the doubt. After all, this is America and in this country you are innocent until proven guilty. I think I'll wait for the verdict.

    2. @LeysonTheGreat
      Sorry you are so insecure.
      If, if, they had talent then just get another job rather than being mentally mutilated every day as the so-called victims (grifters) describe.

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