COVID Night Live: King Polly (King Polly’s World) – EP 7 | Late Night Live Stream Talk Show

Tonight on #COVIDNightLive, we’ve got Las Vegas comedienne extraordinaire, #KingPolly! We also have exclusive interview with #Coronavirus himself. And Ross gives a Beef Fizz drink review!

Time Stamps
00:04 – CNL Show Open
00:34 – Rob’s Monologue
01:29 – Fan Mail
03:08 – A Current Affair
03:12 – White Voice Choosing To Stop Voicing Animated Black Characters
03:42 – Mike Henry (Cleveland, Family Guy) Tweet
05:46 – UK Teen Invents VybePro To Stop Face Touching
06:29 – Interview with COVID-19
09:39 – Interview With A Forgetful Patriot
11:49 – King Polly Interview
28:42 – β€œKing Polly Does Her Laundry For The First Since Quarantine” Sketch
31:08 – King Polly Interview – Part II
33:25 – Double Trouble You Ese Tour Video
36:16 – Ross Thoughts Beef Fizz
37:43 – Rob and Marshall Fighting Behind The Scenes
37:58 – A Current Affair – Marshall Joins The Show
38:48 – Louis CK Has New Podcast With Blanche Gardin
39:42 – Marshall Shows His VybePro
42:18 – Mad Libs
48:07 – Mad Libs – Marshall Reads β€œA Letter Home From Camp”
52:05 – Mad Libs – Rob Reads β€œBe Kind”
58:27 – Mad Libs – Rob Reads β€œMy Dream Man”
1:00:25 – Outro


πŸ‘‰King Polly’s World:

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