Skate Life // Jacksonville – EP1

Martin Mcfly takes you on a journey of his life and shares with you his opinion on social media, politics, and his overall philosophy on life.

Directed & Edited by: Marshall Malone
Starring: Rob Moccio
Camera: S-VHS JVC GR-SXM250 8mm S-VHS Camcorder –

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3 thoughts on “Skate Life // Jacksonville – EP1”

  1. Jonathan R. Holeton

    LOL You guys are hillarious! I really love how u make your videos 80s style, my favorite year. I'd love to collab with you guys, I want to do more 80s style productions. Can we connect on gmail?

  2. Nice bro πŸ˜€ Keep em coming! By the way, if you need music for your video's come have a look at my channel. I upload music that is free to download and use, even commercially (no copyright). It's free to use as long as you give credit to the artist in your video description. Hope this was helpful πŸ˜€ ο»Ώ

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