Dr. Breh (featuring Poop Dog) – “Wear My Mask For You” | New Single 2020

Dr. Breh is back with his new single, “Wear My Mask For You” which will be on his upcoming album titled “The ‘Demic.”


I’ll wear my mask for you…
I’ll wear my mask for you…

‘Poop Dog’

COVID’s the diagnosis
Asymptomatic when I wrote this
Qulick Q-Tip in my nose
When I got the results, I froze

Shortness of breath I’m gonna die
Oh shit, where’s my N95
In this instance, I’ll social distance
I’ll be invisible, nonexistence

Kevin Mcallister, when I’m Home Alone
Porn Hub streaming on my iPhone
Came quicker than a Tik Tok,
Time for Parks & Rec on Peacoc k

Quarantined for a week
Flatten the curve, fake news, doublespeak
I can’t take it anymore, gotta get out
Dr. Breh has the cure, without a doubt

I’ll wear my mask for you…
I’ll wear my mask for you…

‘Dr. Breh’

Dr. Breh is in the house, no need to fear
COVID death rate, isn’t what it appears
They’ve got you under their thumb
The government is making us dumb

Riots, Antifa, Qanon, Proud Boys
CNN, FOX News, False Flag, white noise
I’m not listening to this shit any longer
The government’s goal; divide and conquer

You’re all just a bunch of sheeple,
Living your life in fear, upheaval
Going out of business no revenue
Fuck science, it’s just a manmade flu

Yea, I’ll say it, COVID is fake
The government’s selling you oil from a snake
I know it cause I’m Dr. Breh,
I can see inside it’s soul, inside it’s DNA

I’ll wear my mask for you…
I’ll wear my mask for you…

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Breh (featuring Poop Dog) – “Wear My Mask For You” | New Single 2020”

    1. Depends on the situation. This song was a combination of composing with synths and premade loops. Sometimes when I’m in a pinch I use premade beats, but I have an electronic drum kit and will sometimes just play the beat. But I also compose some myself from scratch. I have a website with almost all the music I’ve composed over the last 20 years if you wanna check it out.

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