5 Dollar Doc: The Doubtfire Files

It’s a 5 Dollar Comedy and Upside Down Creative Media collaboration!

In this 5 Dollar Doc, we meet the investigator behind the big “Doubtfire Case” of the early 1990’s, John Grusing. It was one of his first cases that garnered national attention. In his interview, he details a story of a man on the verge of a mental breakdown, Daniel Hillard. After losing his job and going through a divorce, Daniel decides to cross dress as an older woman to bring psychological warfare on his ex-wife and children. What follows is a story of a psychological thriller about a man hellbent on bringing terror to his family.

Premiering at 5:00 PM EST.

Written & Edited by: Marshall Malone (Upside Down Creative Media)
Starring: Joshua Patterson (5 Dollar Comedy)

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