😱car rocked this dude🫨

This is not my video, I screen captured online and had to share it. Be safe out there!!

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31 thoughts on “😱car rocked this dude🫨”

    1. @CullenCraft I don’t know if I agree with that. I have created original content for decades and nothing goes viral but I have seen entire accounts built off stolen content. YouTube has built in tech to recognize stolen content (mine has been stolen multiple times) and it attempts to give creators control over their content, but ultimately, it’s not enough. My account doesn’t grow, but some of these same accounts that only poach content, continue to grow. I’ve seen people stealing content (a good local example is OnlyInDuval) grow to the point where they charge for promotions and merchandise. Entire business model is built off of using other peoples work. I don’t agree with doing it this way and have publicly spoken out against intellectual property theft. But… at this point in my career I am experimenting out of sheer frustration. 👍


    Hang on i need a breath..


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