Mentos Commercial Gone Wrong: “The Slip & Fall”

This is the original Mentos Ad Gone Wrong parody. We had a hard time pulling out this Mentos commercial parody from our VHS vault. It’s definitely a Mentos Commercial Gone Wrong! Mentos: The “Accidental” Freshmaker!

This was our third attempt back in the 90’s when the Perfetti Van Melle corporation came to us to help market their scotch mints in America. They didn’t like our second attempt and said they were trying to stay away from violence. All we can say is, “Accidents happen.”

Enjoy our Mentos The Freshmaker Parody. We have other Mentos Parody videos out there too. Check them out.

Mentos Freshmaker!

Directed & Edited By: Marshall Malone
Starring: Rob Moccio & Nick Ortagus

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