Mentos Commercial Parody: The “Deadly” Freshmaker (Original Mentos Ad Gone Wrong Parody, 2013)

We had to dig deep for this Mentos Commercial out of our VHS vault. Mentos: The “Deadly” Freshmaker!

This was our second attempt back in the 90’s when the Perfetti Van Melle corporation came to us to help market their scotch mints in America. They didn’t like our first attempt, so we tried to do something a little more edgy. Needless to say, things got out of hand.

Enjoy our Mentos Commercial!

Directed & Edited By: Marshall Malone
Starring: Rob Moccio, David Sneed, & Ross Mielech

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21 thoughts on “Mentos Commercial Parody: The “Deadly” Freshmaker (Original Mentos Ad Gone Wrong Parody, 2013)”

  1. I love how at 0:33 the driver just takes the mentos out of the dead guys hand and then the driver smiles with the mentos in his hand the guy in the back seats friends are probably thinking WHAT THE CRAP why is he dead what did you do

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